Long Reach Front

Long Reach Front

Long Reach Front

  why choose our long reach front

   1. Our company can design, produce and modify the long reach (extend the booms and extend the sticks) for various brands of excavators through professional computer-  aided design system, advanced production equipment and skilled workers with practical application knowledge.

   2. We have strict control on the aspects of stress analysis, material selection,  technical process, design and production to ensure the stability of product quality.  We can also provide customized product as per requests.

   3. An internal buffer plate is installed in the arm to sustain the tension load, which enhances the structural strength of long reach, improves the performance of the long reach and prolongs the service life and working efficiency of the long reach of excavator.


  The long reach is mainly used for earth and sand handling, highway slope dressing, river dredging  and deepening earth or rock foundation work.



Main parameters
NO. Matched excavator weight Lengthm Capacity (m³
1 10-15 11-13 0.3-0.35
2 18-22 12-16 0.35-0.5
3 23-26 15-18 0.35-0.5
4 30-36 18-22 0.35-0.5
5 40-44 18-22 0.45-0.6