Excavator Bucket

Excavator Bucket

Excavator Bucket


  Excavator Bucket types: 


   Standard bucket/ rock bucket/dredging bucket/single teeth bucket/ special designed bucket


  Applicable working conditions:


   Earth excavation/mining/river dredging/weathered rock crushing/channel excavation


  Main features:


   1. Good hardness and durability, high toughness and impact resistance, reasonable design, high efficiency during excavation, loading and unloading.

   2.High strength tooth and side teeth, longer service life.


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Excavator Bucket
NO. Capacity Matched excavators weight Matched  excavators brands
1 0.22m³-0.28m³ 6T




2 0.3m³-0.42m3 7T
3 0.52m³-0.62m³ 12T
4 0.7m³ 13T
5 0.7m3-0.8m³ 17T
6 0.8m³-1m³ 20-22T
7 0.8m³RC-1m³RC
8 1.2LIm³-1.3m³
9 1.0m³-1.2m³ 23-24T
10 1.0m³RC-1.2m³RC
11 1.3m³-1.5m³ 25-27T
12 1.3m³RC-1.5m³RC
13 1.5m³-1.6m³ 30T
14 1.38m³-1.8m³ 30-36T
15 1.4m³RC-1.8m³RC
16 1.8m³RC 40T
17 1.9m³-2.5m³ 45-47T
18 1.9m³RC-2.1m³RC
19 2.1m³RC-2.5m³RC 49T
20 4.0m³RC-4.5m³RC 69T
21 5.0m³RC-5.5m³RC 87T
22 5.5m³RC-7m³RC 120T
23 12m³RC-13m³RC 190T